72 rue Pierre Jacques 
Tel: 32 85 21 13 94 
Fax: 32 85 25 02 54
Company Details
Contact: Mr. Willot Jean-Luc. Director
No. of Years In Hydro Business: 10
Total No. of Small Hydro Projects: 20
No. of Employees involved in Hydropower: 1 with subcontractors
Company Description:
We construct Micro-hydro Components.

Specialist manufacturer of Cross-flow turbines from 1kW to

120 KW and we supply cross-flow runner diam 300 mm for low cost "do it yourself construction." 

Specialist Fields or Innovative Products:

Taylor made construction at low-cost .Electronic control systems and monitoring. We are very open to "real handyman client " able to do part of the installation themselves, or even construct the turbine …using the more complex parts furnished by us.

Overview of Business Activities
Design:  Yes
Manufacture: Yes
Assembly of systems from Bought-in Components: Yes
System installation and start up: Yes
Complete electromechanical packages: Yes
Feasibility studies: Yes
Training: Yes 
Belgium, France, Rwanda, Australia, Madagascar, India…
Interested Fields for Technical Co-operation: 
We try to set up contact with small buissnesses capable of carry out hydro-electric installations (in the country of installation)using our J.L.A turbines or our J.L.A. runners.

Application range for the J.L.A. Turbines Training during the construction

Complete unit with J.L.A. turbine Runner construction

Product / Service
Description and Range of supply
JLA Cross-flow Turbines From 2m to 70 m head From 50 to 600 L/Sec Flow From 2 to 120 kW

Overall efficiency can be as high 75% or even 82% for flow variations from 1 to 6.(With 2 gates)

Complete closure is possible with the internal water flow gate.

Manual or electrical water flow gate control 12 /24 VDC are available.

Built of cast iron with 0.5% Cu, zinc-plated steel, stainless steel, fine alloys and bronze.

The internal under pressure in the turbine is regulate with an air valve.

Input flange can be vertical or horizontal. 

Cost : 6.000 to 14.000 EUR

JLA Cross-flow runners For low cost construction Diameter 300 mm

Normal RPM = 135 Over-speed = 245.

Dynamical balancing, end shaft diam 70mm°or following your design 

The runner is the part which is the most difficult to make and we have good know-how and equipment to do this part of the work. Stainless steel construction possible with extra-cost

Cost: 1.100 to 5.300 EUR

Complete unit with our

JLA turbines

Turbine-speed transmission with flywheel ,alternator European standard, electric box with control, security, and speed regulation with water flow control / load control or mixed .

Cost: 18.000 to 65.000 EUR

Training At the time of the start up on the site or in our workshop during the construction.
Feasibility studies We can check your project and give the best positioning for the civil works.

Turbine with two electrical gates Disassembled turbine
Also download our computer programme which might be of great help to a lot of you. It can be used to: